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SCAN-Unit Labs

The labs of the SCAN Unit are available to cooperation partners from the entire faculty of psychology, as well as from other faculties of the University of Vienna and national and international partners. The lab equipment includes three EEG systems which can be synchronized to perform EEG experiments involving online social interaction. In addition, the lab equipment involves systems for brain stimulation (TMS, tDCS), as well as one EEG system enabling simultaneous EEG-TMS measurements. We also have direct access to a research-dedicated 3T MRI Scanner (Siemens Skyra), dedicated to translational and comparative neuroimaging, and a high performance computing platform for the analysis of fMRI data (both funded by a research infrastructure call sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Science, PI Claus Lamm).

Technical equipment

  • 3 DC-EEG labs, each with 64 channels, 1 TMS-compatible; -neuroConn GmbH and Ing. Zickler Ges.m.b.H.; combination allows conductions of up to 128 channels
  • 1 MR-compatible DC-EEG (64 channels)-neuroConn GmbH
  • 1 TMS system (incl. frameless stereotactic localization and air-cooled coil for rTMS application)- Rogue Research Inc.
  • 1 tDCS system- neuroConn GmbH
  • 6 mobile psychophysiological amplifiers (ECG, EMG, EDA,...) -TMS-International BV
  • 1 Tachistoscope, in-house development - Fischmeister et al. (2010)
  • 2 Photogrammetric Head Digitizers (PHD), in-house developments - Bauer et al. (2000)
  • Data analysis room with several computer workstations
  • Various specialized instruments for somatosensory, nociceptive, tactile and acoustic stimulation


  • Faculty of Psychology, Liebiggasse 5, basement-labs, 1010 Vienna


Faculty of Psychology
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