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Multimodal Neuroimaging

Multimodal Neuroimaging in Clinical Neurosciences (MMI-CNS)


Mental disorders such as major depression or anxiety disorders are eminent personal burdens and also result in considerable costs for society. Recent developments in neuroscience and neuroimaging research hold great promise for obtaining a more comprehensive knowledge of the dysfunctional mental processes underlying these disorders. The primary objective of this type of research is to identify neurobiological markers of mental disorders. However, this objective can only be achieved by combining different neuroimaging techniques in a multimodal, interdisciplinary and translational research approach. Such an approach requires close collaboration between disciplines such as neuroimaging, MR-physics, neurosciences, psychological research, and psychiatric sciences.

The current project investigates the neuronal underpinnings of major depressive disorder using functional as well as structural magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography to identify potential neurobiological markers specific for depression. These markers will then be applied to the development and optimization of therapeutic approaches and health care. This research project is based on a recently established cooperation between the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna within the framework of a so-called research cluster (see here and here and pdf). Six such research clusters have been established between units of both universities to enhance translational research and bridge the gap between basic and clinical research (“bench to bedside”). Five subunits of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna - including experts in the fields of neuroimaging, MR-physics, neurosciences, psychological research, and psychiatric sciences – collaborate within the research cluster MMI-CNS. The PIs of this project are Claus Lamm from the SCAN-Unit and Rupert Lanzenberger from the University Clinic for Biological Psychiatry of the Medical University Vienna.

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