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Information about how to apply for supervision of your master thesis if you have an external supervisor.

Application instructions

1) Initial contact per email (claus.lamm@univie.ac.at): Present your topic and your external supervisor

2) When your topic and external supervision are accepted, you need to provide a proposal about your research design (for further information about the proposal, please see the following page: Proposal)

3) Based on this, the final decision about a supervision will be pronounced

If your supervision is accepted, you need to complete the same criteria as every diploma student at the SCAN-Unit, which are:

Master students are obligated to participate at the research seminar ("Masterarbeit-Seminar"). Every master student has to give two presentations on his/her diploma thesis- a presentation on the design ("Planungsreferat") and a presentation on the results ("Auswertungsreferat").

For further information about the research seminar, please see the following page: Research Seminar (Masterarbeit-Seminar)

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